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Starting Anew – What is the “New Normal?”

As we start to transition into a post-quarantine “new normal,” it’s a perfect time to evaluate what you want back in your life.

44% of the U.S. population have now been vaccinated. Here in California kids are going back to school and restaurants are opening back up. Post-quarantine, like new buds of roses in the spring, we have an opportunity for a new beginning. 

Chances are, you had to make a major adjustment during quarantine. Going through the pandemic crisis likely changed you in some way. In the same way New Year’s Day can be transformative, as we start to transition back to a “new normal,” it’s a perfect time to evaluate your old habits and routines. 

Let’s take this rare opportunity as we transition back to community and society to be intentional about what we want our “new normal” to be. 

I for one am not going back to running around, filling up my time with stuff, things, places and acquaintances which didn’t enhance my life or create my most fulfilling existence. If living during shelter-in-place taught me anything, it’s how simple an existence we need in order to be satisfied, content and calm. 

Kids don’t need to be schlepped everywhere. Errands can be consolidated. Shopping can be outsourced. Walks around the block can be energizing, fulfilling and family-bonding. Cooking can be streamlined – cooking in bulk, getting the family involved, etc. 

Moving forward with intention

Don’t go back to your old ways of doing things just because that’s what you did before. Think about if those ways served you well. And if they didn’t, think of how you can make it better. You don’t have to do a full life overhaul, but small changes can lead to big results! 

Think of how to choose better and be better, post-quarantine. Not just to yourself but to your loved ones, your community, and to our mother earth. Because none of us can survive if she doesn’t! 

As you figure out your new morning routine, school schedules for the kids and start making lunches again, as you head back to your office and assess your commute, or start to go out with friends more, be cognizant of the pain points you had pre-pandemic and try to not put those back in your life. NOW is the perfect opportunity to do things differently. Like Hillel the Elder said, “If not now, when?”

Ways to live a calmer life

Take a look at your old behaviors, habits and systems and see if they were beneficial and sustainable, or stressful and detrimental.

Do you need to send kids to so many extracurricular activities and run around like crazy? (No.)

Do you need to make plans every night of every weekend just to fill time and space and to end up in an energy deficit for the week ahead? (Nope.)

Do you need to make plans to see every person you know? (Absolutely not.)

Be intentional about who you spend your precious time with and what that time consists of. 

One goal of yours might be to start exercising every day. Well, now that you have to shuttle the kids to school and get up earlier possibly, your momentum will be moving. Take advantage of that. After drop-off, do a quick walk before diving into work. Now that your commute is back, bust out the podcasts and audiobooks you’ve been wanting to listen to. 

Look for ways your new, post-quarantine routine can include fulfillment for you! 

If COVID-19 and this pandemic taught us anything, it’s that life is not to be taken for granted. And now is the best time to be intentional and create the habits and lifestyle you want.

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Reach out, I’m here for you.

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