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Selfish Sustainability

When doing good for the environment makes your life easier, too

Hi Friends, Happy Earth Day! Can we please talk about selfish sustainability?

SelfishJenna Z Hermans Chaos to Calm Blog Selfish Sustainability sustainability definition: When you’re doing good things for the environment, because it makes your life easier.

Join me in being selfishly sustainable!

Being green and earth-conscious is easier than ever. We have the power of choice in the products we purchase everyday – the power to choose what companies we support based on the impact their products have on our planet. We can use our dollars to support greener practices and businesses that are eco-conscious, have corporate social responsibility, and earth-friendly practices. 


Eco-friendly is surprisingly cost-efficient

Many people think it costs more to make better choices for our planet, but that’s untrue. In addition to being sustainable because I care about our planet I also choose green because I don’t want to spend money on things over and over again. 

After I switched to Stasher bags, I haven’t bought a Ziploc bag in three years. Saving money and the planet; what’s better than that?! [the answer is sustainably grown, fair trade, organic dark chocolate ;-)]  

We all need to wipe our butts, so why not use Who Gives a Crap? Plus they have a subscription model so you never need to worry about running out of TP! 

We also all need to brush our teeth, and you can use a plastic-free favorite of mine, Bite Tooth Bits, also with a subscription model. 

More eco-essentials to swap with what you’re already using

  • LastSwab – instead of Q-tips
  • Final Straw – reusable straws I carry in my bag and always have in my car 
  • Package Free – phenomenal selection of sustainable goodies
  • Humby Organics – shampoo and conditioner bars that last a lot longer than conventional bottles, and my hair has never felt healthier
  • Farm Fresh To You – organic locally grown seasonal produce box comes weekly
  • Reusable cotton rounds – instead of one-and-done cotton rounds (I also love their cotton kitchen sponges)
  • Ladies, DivaCup for menstrual cycle and Thinx underwear – I haven’t purchased feminine products in ten years! Bonus: No last minute runs to the drug store or embarrassing stuffed pockets on the way to the restroom
  • MightyNest and Package Free – great resources for living green 

This list is far from comprehensive. Let me know if you want more recommendations or what other sustainable tips and tricks I practice in our home.

Jenna Z Hermans Chaos to Calm Blog Selfish Sustainability

Be guilty of selfish sustainability with me

A lot of my sustainable choices started off as moves of convenience. I’m a work in progress with sustainability, but I try every day to be conscious of what I buy for my home, my family and myself. I look at the impact of the products, the company’s practices and corporate responsibility. But we still have a long way to go with our carbon footprint, and plastic usage. 

Be selfishly sustainable with me! 

What sustainable swaps are you going to make? I want to hear them in your comments below.

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Reach out, I’m here for you.

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